Political Wire reports that Bob Taft has the lowest approval rating of any governor in the nation.

His approval rating is 19%, which is remarkably, terribly awful for a governor in a state where he has no major scandal, no major initiatives, no major...anything. He's crossed the boundary from nonentity to nega-entity.

The fact is that Taft is just...well, a pointless politician, if such a construction makes sense. He's a conglomeration of three branches of Ohio Republicans - the religious, the economic, and the gun. The problem is, he's not really motivated by any one of those branches. If the Republican majority is held together by skillful interweaving of seemingly disparate goals without their subsequent accomplishment, Taft's leadership is viewing that network, the power it holds and its ability to accept failure through ideological eyes...and then heading off to the can to finish up the latest James Patterson novel. For four years.