Terror Has a New Name...Romney

Don LaFontaine was unfortunately unavailable (being dead), so Rick Perry goes all Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay on Mitt Romney without a narrator. In a word...just when you thought it was safe to go into the voting booth...comes a vision more terrifying than Nancy Pelosi regaining the speakership...

All that ad needs to take it over the top is some explosions and a fighting robot or two. As a general matter, I'm all for this. Political ads are usually terribly boring, so if Perry's going to be cinematic, that's great. But there is one thing I couldn't help noticing. Don't know if you caught that at the end, but the caption reads, "Even the richest man can't buy back his past." Hold on there, pardner -- do I detect the rancid stench of class warfare? For a guy who already alienated the anti-immigrant wing of his party by calling them heartless, and alienated the Puritan wing by trying to prevent HPV infection, that's some shaky ground to step out on.