TIME FOR A TIMEOUT. This seems smart from Michael Young:

The five permanent Security Council members, perhaps at this weekend�s Group of 8 meeting, should consider a larger initiative based on the resolution that would include: a proposal for the gradual collection of Hezbollah�s weapons; written guarantees by Israel that it will respect Lebanese sovereignty and pull its forces out of the contested Lebanese land in the Shebaa Farms; and the release of prisoners on both sides. Such a deal could find support among Lebanon�s anti-Syrian politicians, would substantially narrow Hezbollah�s ability to justify retaining its arms, and also send a signal to Syria and particularly Iran that the region is not theirs for the taking.

One important thing: No Lebanese government could legitimately help to advance such a plan if Israel were to try to, as its army chief of staff put it this week, �turn back the clock in Lebanon by 20 years.� Israel must cease its attacks and let diplomacy take over.

This seems correct. I don't think any of the major powers want to see a big regional war. The G8 summit is a good opportunity for the major powers to recommit themselves to establishing Beirut's effective control over the south of the country vis-a-vis Hezbollah and Israel alike.

--Matthew Yglesias

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