Time for Al Gore to Be Quiet About Climate Change

In the new issue of *Rolling Stone*, Al Gore [writes at length](http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/climate-of-denial-20110622?page=1) about climate change, climate change deniers, and the media's role in affirming them.

I think it's time for Al Gore to be quiet about climate change. In his article, he comes off as accusatory and ranty. He goes after the media for being an unfair referee of the climate debate, then rattles of a series of facts that some parts of the media, at least, have been instrumental in uncovering and disseminating, like how wealthy deniers have financed quack climate science or hired an army of lobbyists. He also goes over the same points he's been peddling for years. Thanks, Al, but at this point our consciousness has been raised. Anyone who's receptive to this message has received it, I think, and those who aren't receptive are resistant in part because they don't like Al Gore or the politics he stands for.

Gore is doing what he knows best: getting on a stage, speechifying, trying to create a public groundswell for a cause he believes in. But I don't think that he's the right messenger for these ideas anymore: it's as easy to tune out Gore's climate chastising as for a teenager to ignore her parents when they ask for the millionth time for her to clean her room. And someone as well-connected as he is has other ways to fight this fight. Raise money. Convince wealthy people to back grassroots climate organizations. Connect people who climate skeptics will actually listen to with magazine editors, instead of spending time writing a 7-page screed that's not going to tell *Rolling Stone* readers anything they don't already know.