FROM THE TINFOIL HAT FILES. For those of you not in the know, a tinfoil hat or helmet protects you from the thought waves of evil governments. The tinfoil hat brigade was the name given to those who worried about the lack of transparency in U.S. elections in 2004. Drawing any attention to oddities in the election results got one transferred into this brigade which largely marched outside the field of vision of the mainstream press carrying large placards screaming "Stolen Elections!"

Now a tinfoil chapeau is all the fashion rage, at least in the field of elections reform, and I am pleased with the change. Never mind if past elections have been stolen or not; voting systems which are not verifiable are begging for someone smart enough to steal future elections. At the minimum, it is not good for democracy that so many voters feel cynical about their votes being properly counted.

This should be one movement with real bipartisan support.

--J. Goodrich