Tomorrow's Fox News Reports Today.

Via Andrew Sullivan, we get this amusing clip of a reporter for a Texas television news program, amazed at the way some San Franciscans are enjoying themselves as they float in McCovey Cove awaiting World Series batting practice. "They're smoking weed!" he says again and again:

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They all think this is pretty funny, rather than being contemptuous. But tomorrow, Fox is going to have lots and lots of camera crews covering the Stewart/Colbert rally, and you can bet they'll be on the lookout for any signs of dirty hippies. If anyone on the mall starts smoking pot, Sean Hannity will be watching. And they'll pick out the craziest people there to interview. It's unclear what story the rest of the media will tell about this event, but Fox will be telling a story of a how a bunch of out-of-touch elitists gathered for a "hatefest" directed at Real Americans. In case you were wondering.

-- Paul Waldman

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