TRAMP THE DIRT DOWN. Randy Paul helpfully supplements the NYT's list of important dates in the life of the late Augusto Pinochet:

  • September 1974: Has DINA, his secret police organization plant a bomb in the car of General Carlos Prats, his predecessor in Buenos Aires. The bomb kills General Prats and his wife, Sofia. Debris from the explosion is found on the ninth floor of a building across the street.
  • October 1975: Has DINA, through Italian fascist terrorist Stefano Della Chiae, attempt to murder Christian Democrat politician and regime opponent, Bernardo Leighton in Rome Italy. Leighton and his wife survive, but live in constant pain for the rest of their lives.
  • September 1976: Has DINA blow up the car of Orlando Letelier in Washington, DC, killing Letelier and his American assistant, Ronni Moffitt.
  • November 1978: The bodies of fifteen men who were "disappeared" are found in an abandoned limestone mine in Lonquen.
  • June 1990: The bodies of 19 men who disappeared in the 1970's are discovered in a mass grave in Pisagua.
  • September 1991: The bodies of 127 victims of Pinochet's regime are found buried secretly, two to a grave in some cases. Pinochet responds to television reporters by praising the economy of burying two to a grave.

As Randy says, Satan's probably getting more than he bargained for...

--Scott Lemieux

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