Two wealthy Wesleyan donors, including Jonathan Soros, created scholarships for up to 10 veterans to attend the elite school. The school admitted that right now they only have about two students that would qualify for the scholarships.

While it's admirable that the donors want to see that vets can afford to go to a school which costs roughly $47,000 a year, they might have better spent their resources lobbying for an expansion of the GI Bill. Many veterans benefits are having trouble keeping up with the demand -- an influx of new veterans puts a strain on a system that was intended to pay the way for a vet to go to pretty much any school he wanted. Instead, even with GI benefits, vets have to work jobs or take out loans to make up the difference. Additionally, most vets don't dream of going to schools like Wesleyan. They want to attend a nearby state school or community college.

I admire the desire to welcome veterans into the folds of the elite, the reality is that veterans want the GI benefits to get a better job to pay the bills. We should focus on making that happen, instead of offering up tidbits to just a few soldiers.

--Kay Steiger

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