Via TPM, the Alberto R. Gonzales Legal Expense Trust:

"The establishment of a legal defense fund for the nation's former chief law enforcement officer underscores the potential peril confronting Gonzales, who is one of a handful of attorneys general to face potential criminal charges for actions taken in office.

David G. Leitch, a Gonzales friend and general counsel at the Ford Motor Co., wrote in an e-mail solicitation to potential contributors last month that Gonzales is "innocent of any wrongdoing" but does not have the means to pay for his legal defense after a career spent mostly in public service


The contribution form distributed by Leitch asks that donations be sent to a post office box in Alexandria. Leitch said in an e-mail yesterday that the "fund was formed by friends and colleagues of Judge Gonzales to help him defray the cost of legal representation in his continuing cooperation with various inquiries concerning matters that occurred during his tenure as attorney general." He declined to provide details about the trust, such as whether Gonzales played a role or how much money has been donated so far."

You know, to me, nothing says "totally, completely innocent of any wrongdoing" like establishing a legal defense fund before being indicted on any charges.

--Matthew Duss