WHAT, INDEED? Alex Massie takes a look at the Connecticut Senate primary and wonders, "What on earth is all this about?" I wonder myself sometimes. I wonder especially why pro-Lamont forces get so indignant whenever someone suggests it's about what it appears to be about -- the war.

That, to me, would be a perfectly reasonable issue for a vigorous primary campaign in a safely blue and anti-war state. The war is, if I may say so, a big deal and Lieberman's views on it are ridiculous. What's more, insofar as the primary becomes a referendum on the war, Lieberman is bound to lose since his views on it are very unpopular among Democrats. But friends of Ned become, as I say, indignant if you characterize the race this way and want it to be seen as about . . . what, exactly, I couldn't quite say. The implication that the real issue here is that Lieberman once sort-of kissed Bush seems equal parts silly and inexplicable. Why can't the campaign be about the war?

--Matthew Yglesias

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