What to Read Before You Unwonk Tonight

  • Many labeled Obama's sure-to-be campaign-defining speech as Rooseveltian (the conservation one, not the New Deal one), but Jonathan Chait notes that its more accurate label is "a frame for a campaign to contrast himself with Mitt Romney."
  • More from Chait: A list of reasons that Newt is awful and why they may not be the downfall of his campaign. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Unless you're a Democrat, then you can laugh really loudly.
  • Another important thing to note about Obama's speech—it's general tone and message was very Occupyian, as Jamelle Bouie points out. Obama knows that the people most active in the Occupy movement are a crucial part of his base that he must hold on to in order to win next year.
  • A sound bite from Mitt Romney from the past for all you kids eyeing a career on Wall Street: "You've made as much money as you need to make. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life making money? I'm not the oldest guy in the world, but do you want to keep on doing the same thing and making no particular contribution other than in your work—other than raising money for companies and so far ... I think most of the people in this room have either faced or will face that question:  What am I going to do with my entire life, and am I going use all of it just earning money."
  • Other reasons the Romney from now is not as cool as past Romney—he's refusing to take part in the Donald Trump debate, greatly reducing my ability to have fun at his expense. On the other hand, a debate between Gingrich, Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum has all the ingredients to be quite awesome.
  • Jon Huntsman joined the flip-flopping club.
  • Simon Schama has an enjoyable to read (if somewhat terrifying) essay on why America should pay attention to the euro crisis.
  • GOP strategists think candidates should stop bashing Obama, because, apparently, people like Obama, as Pema Levy reports. Also, according to Ari Fleischer, "Barack Obama is the king of flip-flopping." If so, there should probably be a coup, because he's not doing a very good job at that, and I can think of a few people who deserve that title more.
  • Straight impersonations of George W. Bush and the GOP candidates are really funny. Straight impersonations of Obama are not funny. A good thing for the White House, but SNL is going to step up their game and actually write something original if they want us to laugh at the incumbent.
  • Buying elections is hard, but it doesn't have to be. Tim Murphy's chart will have you being brosephs with the Koch brothers in no time!

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