What to Read Before You Unwonk Tonight

  • The Economist summarizes Obama’s campaign strategy thus far, and places it in the context of America’s rich history of decisive presidential campaigns.
  • In an excellent must-read piece, Conor Friedersdorf coins a new label for Newt Gingrich: He's the anti-thesis of a Nike ad. "Don't just do it -- it won't work till you change everything!"
  • Republicans thought they had the nostalgia vote in the bag with Newt Gingrich. Then Obama pulled out the Teddy Roosevelt card, and they realized they need to go back in time. Welcome the new dark horse Republican candidate, William Howard Taft!
  • Speaking of old school historical references, Is Europe about to have an Articles of Confederation moment?
  • Although mainstream coverage of the election has been relatively neutral, to no one’s surprise, Twitter offers far harsher and snarkier commentary on the candidates.
  • Infographic of the Day: Mother Jones’ depicting the tangle of super-PACs as an ever-expanding universe.
  • In his efforts to dampen Gingrich’s standing in the polls. Romney is becoming a far easier target for the Democrats to hit.
  • Is the Obama administration’s Plan B  decision yet another example of a larger woman problem for the president? Rebecca Traister thinks so.


  • To imagine what the White House would look like under a President Gingrich, multiply this times a thousand. 

And for the truly wonky:

  • John Sides argues that demographics are useless for both campaigns and electoral analysis, unless they are examined in context of the factors that explain their voting shifts.
  • Matt Glassman explains the difference between filibusters and cloture, and why it’s so hard to quantify obstruction in Congress.


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