What to Read Before You Unwonk Tonight

  • Time has a piece exploring why the right wing is starting to fall into line around Newt Gingrich. It’s not his conservative pedigree — it’s because he’s a “known commodity” and the party elite know how he works.

  • On the other hand, Ezra Klein doesn’t think the party elite will ever pick Gingrich, and he has 21 convincing reasons why.

  • Jonathan Bernstein explains why, even if Gingrich doesn’t win, no one else is entering the race.

  • Reporting on the Obama administration’s Plan B decision has focused mainly on reproductive rights and how the decision and the reaction of women voters will influence the election. Michael Specter’s piece analyzing the issue in the context of the science community offers an important other perspective.

  • Comprehensive list from Ryan Lizza on Newt Gingrich’s best critiques of the media.

  • Great piece from The Economist what does today's euro deal mean for the political future of the European Union?

  • NPR challenged the statement made by Republican legislators that millionaire job creators would be adversely affected by the payroll tax cut currently being debated by Congress. Apparently, the surtax doesn’t play a large role in these small businesses’ hiring decisions.

  • Why is everyone searching for Ron Paul on Google in Iowa?

  • Comic Sans defenders are following the example of the Occupy movement and occupying culture with the maligned font.

  • Rick Perry: Abe Froman of Texas?

  • A crazy #longread to savor over the weekend.

  • Truth: “The mismatch between Obama’s staunch populist tone and the meekness of his agenda is simply a function of the ideological contrast between a radical GOP and a moderate Democratic Party. Obama is a populist only in counterposition to the radical plutocracy of the opposition party.”

  • Wonky sports read of the day: The Economics of Moneyball


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