WHERE MY HO'S AT? While we've been busy with blogosphere inside baseball, Laura Rozen points out that the MSM has been mighty quick to swallow the White House line that Porter Goss's rapid and unexpected departure has absolutely nothing to do with the burgeoning investigation into Hookergate.

To review the contrary case quickly, we're talking about a scandal involving a contractor who liked giving bribes to people who sit on the Intelligence Committee (Duke Cunningham) or are high-level CIA personnel ("Dusty" Foggo). Goss just so happens to be a former House Intelligence Committee member who was put in charge of the CIA, is friends with Foggo, and promoted him soon after taking over. What's more, members of Goss's staff seem to have been taking bribes from Brent Wilkes, the very same person doing all the rest of the bribing. And then Goss is supposed to have suddenly resigned -- by coincidence! -- right in the middle of all this coming out?

I'm completely prepared to believe that there was, in fact, a long-running bureaucratic power struggle inside the administration that Goss lost out on. But shouldn't people at least consider the possibility that the reason he lost, and the reason he lost at this particular moment, is that he's in the center of a massive corruption scandal?

--Matthew Yglesias

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