WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? Iraq, health care -- I'll let Matt and Ezra address the "important" issues. Meanwhile, what's with the smear job The New Republic's latest cover illustration pulls on Anna Nicole Smith? Noam Scheiber�s actual article is about a go-getter lawyer named Tommy Goldstein and the democratization of Supreme Court litigation in the last few years, but the cover's all about Anna. Not only does she seem to be experiencing a minor wardrobe malfunction, but, in a gratuitous touch, the illustrator has given her the physique she had several years ago during her pre-TRIMSPA days. I understand the homage TNR is aiming for, but still.

TAP subscribers rest easy knowing that this publication's periodic Anna Nicole Smith covers are both tasteful and accurate. Unlike fair Smith, alas, we lack the luxury of 90-year-old billionaire sugar daddies and instead must rely on reader generosity for support.

--Sam Rosenfeld