Which Side Are You On?

This last tidbit from the latest The New York Times and CBS News poll should count as a sign that Democrats are winning the messaging war over taxes and the middle-class:

Few Americans believe that the Obama administration is solely on the side of the middle-class, but even fewer believe that that is true of Republicans. What’s more, the large majority of Americans (correctly) see Republicans as class warriors for the rich. Democrats should continue to hammer on higher taxes for the wealthy, and Republicans should continue their petulant whining – provided they’re not worried about public perceptions.

Of course, while this is a good short-term sign, both congressional Democrats and the Obama administration should remember that these perceptions will have a minor role – at best – in the 2012 elections. Come next year, Americans could hate the GOP, but if the economy slides back into recession, you can safely assume that they’ll elect them to the White House.