"Let's put all this in perspective," writes Adam Serwer. "There have been 110 Justices on the Supreme Court. Of those, two have been women, and two have been black. The other 106 have been white men. That means that around 96% of Supreme Court Justices have been white men." The "this" that Serwer is perspectivizin' is Mark Halperin's unfortunate decision to respond to Souter's retirement by pasting a giant 'WHITE MEN NEED NOT APPLY" headline across his blog. Classy work, Mark.

As the stats show, the history of the United States Supreme Court -- an institution that is, as we speak, 88 percent male and 77 percent white male --is not exactly a history of raging anti-white dude sentiment. And I've always found it notable that the instant the conservative bloc lost its sole female member, it set about dismantling the compromise she had worked out to protect abortion. It's almost as if being a woman gives you a slightly different perspective on issues relating to female reproductive rights...

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