Why Mitt Romney Needs to Get His Instagram On

To say that Mitt Romney has a "Richie Rich" image problem might just be the political understatement of the century; there is the Romney-residence “car elevator,” Ann’s dressage horses, the bevy of offshore bank accounts, and the fact that some of his dearest friends own NASCAR teams. It ain’t the best time in American history to ooze money from all your orifices, but if you’re going to run for public office while doing so, you might at least desist with the robotic consultant-speak.

But let’s face it, Mitt’s unlikely to change his marble-mouthed ways any time soon (and he can kiss that bid for mayor of the West Bank goodbye), so the Romney campaign needs to start leveraging their guy’s real strengths in order to gain some likeability points; his face, his family, and not speaking in public.

Enter Instagram.

Romney is perfect for the social media photo-sharing app; he should be seen, not heard. Those kind eyes, that strong jaw—who wouldn’t want to hand over the nuclear codes to a face like that? Plus, his family is adorable as hell, as we have all learned from Ann Romney’s Pinterest page (you’re basically a monster if you’re not touched by her ‘how we met’ anniversary video).

The GOP nominee technically does have an Instagram page, but at only 12 posts, the medium is being frightfully underused by the campaign. Show us Mitt eating processed food with the masses! Give us Sepia-tone scenes from the campaign bus! Make us tear up with candid shots of the candidate and his wife ‘sharing a moment!’ Just don’t let him do this.

Should he do so, Romney wouldn’t be the only (prospective) world leader to put the app to good use in recent days—Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei just joined in what we can only surmise is a good faith effort to get in touch with the common people. And to show off his fly ring-bling. It’s the biggest news in digital innovations by a world religious leader since the Pope joined Twitter.

‘gram on, Mitt. You’re in good company.