Why Won't They Self-Correct?

Michael at Here's Whats Left has so totally demolished Ann Coulter's lying assertion that the New York Times is outing the gay children of conservatives that Maya Keyes -- child of Alan and one of the gay conservatives the New York Times supposedly outed -- has emerged to comment on the situation. And, as I know you're wondering, how outraged was she? Not very:

So, just for the record, let me state unequivocally:

As an openly queer woman, I do not have any problem with people referring to me as an openly queer woman. This is not an invasion of my privacy, it is not anyone else 'outing' me, it is not something that I need anyone's sympathy for. There is plenty else in my life right now that I could use some supportive wishes with but simply being queer is not one of them.

Michael, rightly, wants Powerline to prove that the blogosphere truly is self-correcting and retract their endorsement of Ann Coulter's falsehood. After all, this is pretty overwhelming evidence. Not only were the two conservative homosexuals mentioned openly queer, meaning they could no longer be "outed", but one of them has now stepped forward to personally attest to the public nature of the knowledge the Times used to shock the world and explain that she wasn't offended, merely described correctly. For their part, Powerline is proving a bit, shall we say, recalcitrant. But you can read Michael's latest, extremely polite, extremely persuasive, and extremely hopeful letter to them here. If you want, you can also send them a note calmly explaining the situation and asking them to restore your faith in the blogosphere. Their e-mail is powerlinefeedback@gmail.com.