The World Cup: More Popular Than the Tea Party.

US v Jamaica.jpg

I don't really want to get into the argument about whether or not Americans "should" watch soccer, because I don't care. I love soccer; it doesn't really matter to me whether everyone else in this country does. But I think the paucity of soccer fans in this country is somewhat overstated. Soccer fans are generally portrayed as a fringe, lonely bunch with European sensibilities. According to Pew, only 27 percent of Americans were excited about the World Cup. The Economist has another poll out today, which finds similar numbers of people (21 percent) watching the sport closely.

What's significant about this? Well it's larger than the percentage of Americans who consider themselves Tea Party activists, which range from the low to high teens.

If the Tea Partiers represent the voice of "Real America," what does that say about soccer fans, who are apparently far more numerous?


-- A. Serwer

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