Wrong Again, Dan

I'm going to once again be a rude host and directly contradict my guest-blogger. His post below, while cleverly written, is wrong. I've asked him to stay on through tomorrow to help me out, and he's agreed. Considering the bang-up job he's done, you should all be stoked.

As a general explanatory note, I'm currently in a long-distance relationship. My girlfriend and I met during my first two years at UC Santa Cruz, and are currently doing the telephone thing while she finishes up at UCSC and I do my thing at UCLA. As the distance isn't too bad and the Southwest fares amenable, we see each other every week or two. That, in large part, is why I've been leaning so heavily on guest-writers, so I can spend more time with her on the weekends. Tomorrow I'm driving back, starting at 3am, and have class all day, so penning more than three or four posts is going to be tough. With Dan helping out, you guys get a different, and absurdly talented, voice, not to mention more content. That, of course, is the other justification for the guesting weekenders. There's an enormous constellation of small bloggers whose readerships lag for reasons totally unrelated to talent and entirely dependent on publicity. If I can help change that while getting more time with the girlfriend, all the better.