WRONG AGAIN, TOMASKY. Nope, not about the Democrats and the common good. I�m basically right about that. But my daring prediction that Matt Santos would make Arnie Vinick his vice president on The West Wing went up in smoke Sunday night (and I wasn�t even around to see it -- I was in an undisclosed location in old Europe). The pain was made all the more intense because, last week, a friend heard from someone associated with the show that they�d read my prediction-post, and that I was right. Good feint.

I think I�ll try to claim half credit because Santos did, however half-heartedly, discuss the vice-presidency with Vinick. Anyway. I think Santos made the right call here. So what�s left to do now, in, what, the three remaining shows? Will they take us into the Santos presidency? If so, I suppose (another wrong prediction) that Vinick, with a strong assist from Santos, who will make the crucial strategic decision at the crucial moment, will solve this Kazakhstan situation.

--Michael Tomasky