WYNN WINNING. A while back our boss Bob Kuttner (assisted by wunderkind intern Asheesh Siddique) put some real thought and effort into actually discerning who were the most indefensibly sell-outish Democrats in the House. Among the "faithless fifteen" they came up with was Maryland's Al Wynn, who's of course garnered blogospheric attention more recently for his anti-net neutrality shenanigans and faced an extremely serious primary challenge yesterday from Donna Edwards. Though it may still be too close to call, it now appears that Wynn will be able to pull out a victory against Edwards. But this is the kind of primary challenge -- a strike against bad behavior engaged by incumbents who don't need to be engaging in bad behavior -- that's healthy and fruitful even if it doesn't succeed.

Check out Midterm Madness today for more coverage of yesterday's primaries.

--Sam Rosenfeld