Via DC Media Girl, Hindrocket's having an aneurysm over this. Not the bankruptcy bill that targets -- and fires on -- the poor, not the leave-the-money-on-the-nightstand ethos that produced the energy bill, but this. A T-shirt. That's what made him wonder "HOW SICK CAN THE LEFT GET?" A T-shirt on If I had the energy to sign up for CafePress, I could create one saying, for instance, "Hindrocket Loves Big Trunk -- Pass the FMA Now!" and it'd still just be a kid playing with a website, not an official expression of the left's depravity.

These right-wingers, it's all vapors and delicate constitutions with them. Call 'em a name and they cry. Meanwhile, I know exactly how sick the right can get. That's why I don't read Little Green Footballs. Because depravity isn't a kid with a naughty T-shirt design, it's a community with a thirst for blood.

Update: Seems like as good a time as any to link to revive this post...