YEAH, IMAGINE THAT. Last Sunday, chatting up Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Senator Mitch McConnell imagineered himself up the following scenario: "Imagine the United States, if you had a couple of terrorist organizations in Mexico or Canada, that came across our borders, captured two of our soldiers, and then started launching rockets against our civilian population. We'd go after them, too."

Now, without discussing the merits of hypothetically carpet-bombing Ottawa, it seems incumbent upon us to recall that there was a terrorist organization that did in fact come "across our borders," launching jetliners at our civilian populations, and that, today, the people who helped enable that act are on the comeback in Afghanistan, that the leader of that group remains uncaught, unpunished, and un-smoked-out, and that his second-in-command remains free to release videotapes, apparently recorded in whatever the Hindu Kush has for an ESPN Zone. Unkind souls -- and, certainly not me -- might point this out.

-- Charles P. Pierce