Yes, Obama Can Connect with Voters.

Obviously, as a consultant, it's John Anzalone job to boost the Democratic Party's fortunes. Still, this is actually a true thing:

Where did this Washington myth come from that Barack Obama does not connect with regular voters? Is everyone's memory so short that they don't remember the 2008 elections and the crowds of literally tens of thousands that this guy attracted? Of course this guy connects with every day voters. And he still does as president. We just happen to be going through the worst economic times since the Great Depression, two wars and a financial system that collapsed. Sorry if the American people aren't all touchy-feely right now.

In fact, despite claims that the GOP has done a better job connecting with the public, a recent Pew survey found that Obama is viewed as better than Republican leaders in explaining his policies and vision for the country:

Half (50%) of the public says Obama has done a better job, compared with just 28% who say GOP leaders have done better in laying out their plans and vision, according to the latest Pew Research/National Journal Congressional Connection poll, sponsored by SHRM, conducted Sept. 23-26 among 1,010 adults.

Even with his approval lagging, Obama remains one of the country's more popular politicians, and as we at TAP have been saying for a while, popular discontent with his policies has more to do with high unemployment than it does with Obama's ability to "connect" with voters, which really hasn't changed at all.

-- Jamelle Bouie

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