Over at Campus Progress (full disclosure: they pay my salary), UC-Santa Barbara student Kristen Tucker highlights an army of young conservatives, more commonly known as the Young America's Foundation, who gathered for a weekend of Ronald Reagan-worship and some good old-fashioned Muslim-bashing at a seminar at the Gipper's ranch called "Radical Islam 101: Defining America’s Enemy & Developing A Strategy For Success." It's all in the wake of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, the David Horowitz-orchestrated press campaign.

Many people used to criticize liberals for looking back longingly on the Clinton years, but conservatives have one of their own in the White House. Certainly Bush champions the conservative cause far more than Reagan ever did, especially when it comes to the cultural agenda. And yet, Tucker reports, these young conservatives look back longingly on the Reagan years -- even though they are all too young to have experienced them -- and "resurrecting Reagan and his steely-eyed legacy as America’s only hope." Ah, the state of conservatism today.

--Kay Steiger

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