YOUR LIBERAL MEDIA. Real Clear Politics has entered a content deal with Time magazine, and will now have their blog hosted on Time's servers. " hosts a diverse chorus of political voices," said Josh Tyrangiel, the editor, "and we're excited to add the Real Clear Politics blog to the mix."

Except that's not true. Real Clear Politics is an unabashedly conservative site. It's a very, very good one, and there's no conservative commentary I prefer to read, but it's happily and totally right-of-center. A glance at Time's other blogs shows no more "diverse" voices. They have Andrew Sullivan, an occasionally heterodox conservative; Mike Allen, a political reporter; and then a smattering of health, science, and television blogs. Those may all be good blogs, but they don't represent a "diverse chorus of political voices." The chorus lacks, for instance, a single left-of-center voice. Sort of a large oversight, it seems to me.

--Ezra Klein