Adina Hoffman

Adina Hoffman is the film critic for The Jerusalem Post and
the author of House of Windows: Portraits from a Jerusalem Neighborhood.

Recent Articles

The Children Are Watching Us

Set among the bleak row houses of Depression-era
Liverpool, Stephen Frears's new film, Liam, is yet another sepia-tinted tale
of a cute, dimpled Catholic boy (played here by Anthony Burrows) whose diet
consists mostly of bread, potatoes, and interminable school sermons that promise
only hellfire and damnation. "What does sin do?" his teacher asks in a typical
lesson, at once stern and somehow excited. "It drives the nails deeper into the
hands of Christ!" She smiles serenely as she offers this warning, and all the
boys stare up at her, too credulous to speak.

Beyond the Multiplex

In "The Moviegoers," a bleak New Yorker article from
a few years back, the film critic David Denby bemoaned both the current state of
movie culture and the marginal role of serious criticism in shaping popular
taste. According to Denby, the commercialization of the whole enterprise has
brought about a brand of slicked-up, dumbed-down cinema that he and his friends
would never have stood for as younger, engaged moviegoers. "As I listen to people
talk (well, let's say older people)," he wrote, "I get the sense that many
moviegoers who loved the French, Italian, Japanese, British and Eastern European
films of the Sixties and the American films of the Seventies...have simply stopped