Ai-jen Poo

Ai-jen Poo is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. She serves on the board of the Working America Education Fund.

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Working-Class Voters Hold Key to 2016

P residential candidates from both parties are tossing around ideas about how to help everyday working Americans. But something’s missing. Strongmen on the right are speaking almost exclusively to white, working-class voters, stoking populist resentment toward people of color—both immigrants and African Americans. Progressives, for their part, are calling for better wages and quality of life across the board, including for those vilified on the right. To win in 2016 and beyond, candidates must reach out to both groups; they must speak to all working people. Those who focus exclusively on one group or the other will undermine their chances of winning the White House. To understand this, think about two U.S. workers—let’s call them Angela and Joe. Angela is a domestic worker who makes $312 a week, gets one day off per week, and has no benefits. Joe, who used to make a pretty good salary at a manufacturing plant, now feels lucky to have a part-time job as a janitor. Like many domestic...

Movement Futurism

This piece is part of the Prospect' s series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years. To read the introduction, click here . We are headed into a period of tremendous change and instability, and we need to be building power and capacity to shape what’s to come. We need to understand these trends and offer a vision for how we can use them to produce greater equity, democracy, opportunity, and care for all. To list just a few of these epochal changes: • Women are now the majority of the paid workforce. Issues that have historically been considered “women’s issues”—like the impossible-to-manage competing responsibilities placed on women at work and in the home, like the undervaluing of women’s labor—are issues that now affect the majority of the workforce. • Communities of color will become the new majority in the United States over the next 40 years, and the growing inequality of wealth is exacerbating racial divisions. If we don’t seize the opportunity of this demographic...