Alexandra Gutierrez

Alexandra Gutierrez is a reporter based in the Aleutian Islands. She is also former associate Web editor of The American Prospect.

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The Little Picture: Dorothy Height.

This morning, civil-rights leader Dorothy Height died at the age of 98 in Washington, D.C. For 40 years, she served as president of the National Council for Negro Women. Here, she is pictured attending the 33rd Annual Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award Dinner. (Flickr/ The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights )

The Little Picture: Eyafallajökull.

The Stromboli Project has collected photographs of Eyafallajökull's eruption. The ash produced by the Icelandic eruption has brought air travel in Europe to a halt. (The Stromboli Project)

The Little Picture: Emancipation Day.

Today, Washington, D.C., celebrates Emancipation Day. The Freedman's Memorial in the city's Capitol Hill neighborhood has an insanely interesting history -- if you're interested in some weekend reading, check out Kirk Savage 's Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves .

Lightning Round: All Tomorrow's Tea Parties.

National Review's Rich Lowry seems awfully smug about an NYT poll in which 52 percent of respondents fear that Obama is leading the country toward socialism and 10 percent don't know or didn't answer. In other words, 38 percent of those polled actually understand what socialism means. Way to go, guys! Meanwhile, the Times probes historians and political analysts for their takes on the survey, which breaks down the 18 percent of people who say they embrace the Tea Party's incoherent chorus of privileged whininess. Amanda Marcotte says , "If it looks like the tea baggers are a bunch of privileged cry babies who don’t want to share, then well, you know what they say about quacking like a duck." Dan Froomkin wants you to know you don't really hate paying your taxes. The turbo-conservative American Enterprise Institute says most of us think we're taxed fairly and figure it's about time to return the tax-break gift that Bush doled out to big business and wealthy folks. Who was responsible...

The Little Video: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

It's Tax Day, and the Tea Partiers are out in full force . Instead of showing you crazy signs and tricornered hats, here's the tax-supported PS22 Chorus singing "This Must Be the Place" by the Talking Heads. Socialism, everybody!