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Allison Stevens is Washington bureau chief of Women's eNews.

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Reversal of Fortune

"My feet are tired, but my soul is inspired," a buoyant Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) proclaimed at her victory party last Saturday night, citing a variation of an old civil-rights saying. It was a fitting tribute to the state's African-American community, whose members defied projections and turned out in droves last week, socking in the stomach a cocky GOP that had reportedly referred to Louisiana's Senate runoff as "Operation: Icing on the Cake." Indeed, just one month ago, Landrieu had looked poised to lose the election after slogging through an unimpressive primary showing. But her shift in strategy during the last few weeks succeeded in bringing her base to the polls the second time around -- and contains some worthwhile lessons for Democrats looking to rebound from November's debacle. In Saturday's runoff against Republican Elections Commissioner Suzanne Terrell, turnout in New Orleans -- where a large number of Louisiana's black, and largely Democratic, voters reside -- increased...