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Alyssa Rosenberg is a staff correspondent at Government Executive where she covers the federal work force. She writes regularly for National Journal and The New Republic.

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How Women Built the Law

In his new book, Fred Strebeigh chronicles the struggle for equality of the sexes under law, all while personalizing the pioneers who fought for it.

When Elena Kagan takes office as solicitor general, she will become the first woman to hold the job on a permanent basis. This may only be the beginning of Kagan’s rise; she is a noted scholar on administrative law, presidential powers, and First Amendment law, and many observers predict that a term as solicitor general could prepare her for an eventual nomination to the Supreme Court.

My Job Is Driving Me Crazy

NBC's Thursday-night lineup is full of employed but dissatisfied characters. What are they going to do now that the economy is tanking?

Earl Hickey, Pam Beesly, Liz Lemon, and Jack Donaghy have next to nothing in common. They are, respectively, a small-time crook obsessed with heavy metal and karma, a receptionist with a flair for practical jokes, a TV writer unable to resist carbs, and a General Electric executive taken with the power of the market. But as the central characters in the three comedies that form the core of NBC's Thursday-night lineup, they have one thing in common: Their jobs are driving them crazy.


By Alyssa Rosenberg

Sorry for not chiming in today, folks. It's been a lot of fun writing here this week and talking to ya'll; thanks for the thoughtful insights and good exchanges. Ezra's lucky to have you. I haven't written today because I spent the morning taking my first lesson in pistol shooting. I've never waded into a gun control debate before because I felt like I'd be writing with incomplete information if I'd never held or shot a gun. Now that I have, I can say that target shooting is pretty fun! But more importantly, before I went out and started firing, I had to read the National Rifle Association's Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook.


By Alyssa Rosenberg

Bill Keller's piece on the resurgence of Russian and Chinese autocracy got slapped with one of the more unfortunate headlines I've seen in a while, but it's well worth a read. The key takeaway is here: