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Alyssa Rosenberg is a staff correspondent at Government Executive where she covers the federal work force. She writes regularly for National Journal and The New Republic.

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By Alyssa Rosenberg

I'm sure there will be a lot of people writing over the next days and weeks about Jerome Corsi's latest attack book, but this line in the New York Times story stood out to me:

"Fact-checking the books can require extensive labor and time from independent journalists, whose work often trails behind the media echo chamber."


By Alyssa Rosenberg

The murder of the Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman this afternoon is shocking, and tragic, particularly during an election season that's seen such a rise in participation and enthusiasm. I'll just echo my Atlantic Media colleague Marc Ambinder:

In the United States, in our open republic, party offices and campaign offices are open offices, welcoming volunteers and supporters and enthusiasts. That's the way it should be.

Those of us in political journalism feel a kinship with anyone who makes their living in the world of politics.


By Alyssa Rosenberg

W has a look at the new Comme des Garçons line for H&M, and while the commenters on New York's Cut blog don't so much love what they're seeing, I think everything with polka dots in the center, and the blue jacket are adorable. But more than that, I am psyched that Rei Kawakubo ($, sorry) is going to make her way into a lot of American wardrobes.