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Daily Meme: A Brief History of Presidential Groveling

  • Art history majors, relax. The president doesn't think that you should chuck your books on contemporary color theory and go take a course in carpentry.

Why Don't We Have Viagra for Women Yet?

AP Images/Allen Breed

Last week, a small drug company called Sprout Pharmaceuticals announced that its version of “female Viagra”—a medication designed to enhance women’s libidos—was going back for yet another battery of tests. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants more data on how Sprout’s drug, the whimsically named “flibanserin,” affects driving ability.

Daily Meme: Northern Liberal Elites Are the Real Racists

The Conversation: Elizabeth Kolbert and Bill McKibben

AP Images/Kike Calvo

Five great extinctions have occurred in the history of Earth. Now, in The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, journalist Elizabeth Kolbert eulogizes the decline of a handful of species and makes the case that a new mass die-off is under way. Industrial processes that pump carbon dioxide into the ocean are making life untenable for the thousands of plants and creatures that live in its depths, especially the vast but fragile coral reefs. Whole populations of bats in the northeastern United States have been decimated by a fungus brought to New England by an unsuspecting European traveler. The great auk, an extinct bird, suffered its last stand on an Icelandic island after being relentlessly hunted for just a few decades.

Daily Meme: Buy Thin Mints, Support America's Decline

  • If there was any group that seemed capable of rising above the culture-wars fray, it's the Girl Scouts. After all, what could be more American than scrumptious treats,capitalism, and crafting? (The cookies are even gluten free!)