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Convention Roundup

Don't miss the wrap-up of The American Prospect's round-the-clock convention coverage. Below, you'll find our blog from the climax of the convention on Thursday, as well as links to the earlier coverage.

And we've got much more coverage than just the blog. Take a look at these great stories from Todd Gitlin, Robert Kuttner, Michael Tomasky, Harold Meyerson, and many more!

Purple People Watch

Florida. Some good news for John Kerry in last week's American Research Group poll of likely Florida voters, which gave him a 47-44-3 lead, the largest ARG has ever registered for Kerry in the Sunshine State. Factoring Nader out leaves Kerry with a slightly stronger 49-45 lead. Even better, Kerry has now reached 100 percent name recognition with a 51-44 favorable-unfavorable spread, while George W. Bush suffers with a net negative 44-46 split. On the other hand, a July 12-14 poll by Republican firm Strategic Visions had Kerry-Edwards lagging two points behind Bush-Cheney in a survey with a larger sample of likely voters.

Devil in the Details

John Edwards Pop Quiz

1. John Edwards' father worked:

    a) in a paper mill

    b) in a textile mill

    c) for General Mills

    d) as a research assistant to C. Wright Mills

2. In 1997, Edwards won a $25 million verdict for a girl injured by:

    a) a NASCAR driver

    b) a faulty swimming-pool drain

    c) a super-sized burger

    d) Jesse Helms

3. Four Trials is:

Purple People Watch

Colorado. In a debate taped Monday for broadcast on Friday, the two contenders for the GOP Senate nomination in Colorado, conservative Pete Coors and more conservative Rep. Bob Schaffer fell over each other to prove their fealty to the president's Iraq policies. According to Schaffer (though not to actual intelligence professionals or Middle East analysts), "It is very clear that Saddam Hussein played a substantial role in promoting terrorism around the world."

Purple People Watch

Maine. Pseudo–swing state Maine tried to avenge itself against those of us who've mocked its battleground status by turning in a tied Bush-Kerry result in a June 30 Strategic Marketing Services (SMS) poll. Upon further examination, though, there may be nothing to worry about. Undecided voters typically break in favor of the challenger, and the SMS poll had a lot of undecided voters -- 29 percent of the total electorate. When leaners were asked to state a preference, John Kerry opened up a 2.5 percent lead, with eleven percent remaining undecided.