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Dossier: Bordering On Ludicrous

In August, Governors Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Janet Napolitano of Arizona declared states of emergency due to illegal immigration across their borders ... The declarations allow the governors to spend nearly $1.5 million each to bolster the states' law enforcement and border patrols ... In 2004, 537,151 people were naturalized to the United States ... 54 percent settled in four states: California, New York, Florida, and Texas ... The United States has a yearly net migration rate of 3.31 people per 1,000 ... 30 countries have net migration rates higher than the United States ... Immigration rates today are about the same as they were one century ago … There are approximately 7 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States ...

Devil In The Details

Bolton Begins

John Bolton is in the building.

Just three weeks before some 170 heads of state converged on New York for the September 14–16 United Nations summit, which considered the most ambitious set of reforms in the organization's history, the new recess-appointed U.S. ambassador tossed a wrench in the works. Discarding months of diplomatic toil, Bolton submitted a modest 750 alterations to the 39-page text of proposed UN reforms, throwing the negotiations into complete disarray.

The Full Roberts

The fireworks everybody expected may not materialize, but this weeks hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee are still crucial. Will John Roberts sail through unchallenged? What questions should Democrats ask? Below, some of the Prospect's coverage of the nomination from this summer.

Just Say No
Matthew Yglesias

Democrats don't have to filibuster John Roberts -- but they don't have to vote for him, either.


Dossier: Back to School

The percentage of schools that during the 2002–03 school year flunked the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act were 5 percent in Alabama, 14 percent in Wyoming, 40 percent in Illinois, and 76 percent in Florida … 99 percent of California schools are projected to fail proficiency tests after subjected to 12 years of NCLB policies … Texas claimed a 91-percent proficiency rate in mathematics among eighth-graders before the NCLB assessment … after AYP standards were put into place, Texas had a proficiency rate of only 24 percent … In 2004, several schools in Houston were found to have falsified drop-out rates to receive bonuses of $5,000 for principals … The man in charge of the district, Rod Paige, became President Bush's