Anabel Lee

Anabel Lee is an editorial intern at the Prospect.

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Running Against Genocide in Darfur

In the run-up to the Olympics in Beijing, activists have joined together in a series of relay races to push China -- which has a lot of influence in Sudan -- to take action on Darfur.

Before the official torch of the Olympic Games is even lit, several other torch relays will have been completed in the name of those romantic notions that the Games purport to embody. Olympic Dream for Darfur, an activist group protesting China's complicity in the genocide that plagues the western region of Sudan, has organized the International Genocide Relay to focus on the survivor communities of modern genocides as a way to show the world what happens when the international community looks away. As a gesture of solidarity, other Darfur advocacy groups also focused on the Beijing-Khartoum connection have organized similar relays the world over. Dream for Darfur's goal is to have verifiable and effective security on the ground to protect civilians and humanitarian workers in the region, where security continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate. Humanitarian organizations are dangerously close to withdrawing due to security concerns at a time when 4.2 million people -- two-thirds...

A New Era of Green Activism

TAP talks to Bill McKibben about his new handbook for young environmental activists.

Nearly 20 years ago, Bill McKibben wrote the first major book on global warming, The End of Nature . He and the Step It Up team, a small group of young environmental activists based in Vermont, have recently completed the first-ever guidebook on how to organize and carry out political action on the issue of climate change, Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community . The book features a companion Web site at , making the entire project sort of an update of Saul Alinsky for the Internet era. On April 14, McKibben and Step It Up launched the largest environmental protest in a generation, which included underwater demonstrations in Key West and thousands wearing blue shirts in lower Manhattan to mark where sea levels might rise to. That day led not only to Fight Global Warming Now , but to a second round of nation-wide demonstrations, held this past Saturday, which featured people across the country rallying to support more green jobs,...