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Cara at The Curvature had a great post last week on how annoyed she was that antichoicers were portraying Sarah Palin 's child with Down's syndrome as a heroic choice on the part of the vice-presidential candidate. Cara writes, You know, it's the anti-choicers who use "it's not a choice, it's a child" as a rallying cry to force women to give birth. And yet here I am, as pro-choice as can be, really fucking annoyed that conservative assholes are portraying this very real, actual child as a political choice rather than the human being that he is. Now today comes the news that Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol , is pregnant . In the news release, the McCain campaign made sure to state that: Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said. While it's obvious why they made this statement to assure the public that Bristol was not coerced into keeping the baby (after all, she does have a parent who is a staunch opponent of the right to choose and is...

McCain's Sexist VP Pick

The GOP seems to think women will eagerly vote for any ticket that includes a member of their gender. That's Republican tokenism and pandering at its worst.

Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)
John McCain's decision to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate is the perfect end to several weeks in which we saw Republicans make weak claims that theirs is the party of women's rights. Last month, Bill Kristol was predicting that McCain would choose Palin because "Republicans are much more open to strong women." (He also decried the "horrible sexism and misogyny" Hillary Clinton faced in the Democratic primary, but somehow failed to mention his own comment during the primary that, "white women are a problem, that's, you know -- we all live with that.") As recently as last week he was railing against the "Democrats' glass ceiling." And today, FOX News was already crowing, "Looks like the glass ceiling hasn't been broken by Hillary Clinton, but by Senator McCain." Palin's addition to the ticket takes Republican faux-feminism to a whole new level. As Adam Serwer pointed out on TAPPED, this is in fact a condescending move by the GOP. It plays to the assumption that disaffected Hillary...


Via Matt , apparently National Review thinks Madonna represents "the slut vote." (Madonna is speaking out against John McCain on her world tour, which kicked off this weekend.) Where has K-Lo been for the past decade and a half? Calling Madonna a whore is sooo 1993. (Circa her Sex book, Body of Evidence , and " Human Nature .") If you want to go negative on Madonna, these days it's more appropriate to say she represents the African-baby-snatching constituency. In light of this ridiculousness, let's enjoy a "slutty"-era Madonna flashback: "Ooops-- I didn't know I couldn't talk about McCain. Musta been crazy." --Ann Friedman


At the Plank, Sacha Zimmerman frets that Rachel Maddow is a harbinger of an era of biased, partisan news: I really like Maddow and have found her thoroughly compelling throughout this latest campaign season, but I am not so thrilled about this trend toward partisan networks and news. By all means we should have progressive and conservative commentators and analysts, but is there no room for argument between the two? Where have all the iconoclasts gone? First off, I question how partisan MSNBC really is. Yes, they now have prime-time slots for Maddow and Keith Olbermann . But unlike, say, Fox News, where the only liberal on the team is the addlepated Alan Colmes , MSNBC hands over its entire morning show to Joe Scarborough . It's quite the stretch to say the cable networks are mirroring the red-blue split of America. In fact, the reason that liberals are thrilled with Maddow's promotion is that lefty perspectives are underrepresented on all cable news networks, including MSNBC...


I think Dana is right that it would be fascinating to see the reaction to a Sebelius pick for VP. I'm of the opinion that most former Hillary Clinton backers would be happy to see a woman on the ticket. As TAP contributor Addie Stan wrote last month at HuffPo: But the notion that voters mad at Obama because, being a young man, he swept past a 60-year-old woman who has paid some serious dues -- that those voters then would be miffed by the nomination of a 50+-year-old-woman who has paid some serious dues simply makes no sense. It has no internal logic, which obviously would not disqualify it in the eyes of those who think that older women -- and let's face it, that's what is meant by "disaffected Hillary voters" -- lack the capacity for logical decision-making. As Dana has reported , most feminists who supported Hillary in the primary have come around (or are coming around) to Obama. Of course Clinton's primary supporters weren't a monolith, and not all identify as feminists. But every...