Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is an editor and writer. Formerly the executive editor of GOOD, she’s now hard at work on a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow and is a politics columnist for She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch.

Recent Articles


GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS. The House Labor-Human Services subcommittee approved a $27.8 million funding increase for Title X family planning programs.

...they also approved an identical funding increase for abstinence-only education.

In other words, "Yes! Contraception is important and it works! But shhhh... don't tell the children."

--Ann Friedman


KRISTOL'S AWAKENING. The convenient narrative employed by critics (and many reluctant defenders) to define Bill Clinton was that he was a self-absorbed Baby Boomer, a man so selfish in his appetites that if having sex with an intern meant potentially jeopardizing his administration, his legacy and his party's chances to hold the White House in 2000, well, so be it. He was a man who just couldn't control himself.


A DECADE OF DUNCES. Sunday was the 10-year anniversary of the formation of the Project for a New American Century, and the publication of its Statement of Principles. Signatories include many of the usual suspects -- Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Francis Fukuyama, and Lewis Libby -- as well as a few surprises like Jeb Bush, whose older brother and once notable opponent of nation-building is tellingly absent.


SUPPORT FOR THE "STRONG-WILLED YOUNG LADY." I just want to echo Garance's point about the coverage of HRC's tenure as Wal-Mart board member. I'd also add that, overall, I had a strong gut reaction to the article. Especially this comment:

Mr. Walton appeared relieved to have a woman on the board to deflect criticism, telling shareholders during the annual meeting in 1987 that the company had a "strong-willed young lady on the board now who has already told the board it should do more to ensure the advancement of women."


A BLUE-RIBBON DAY FOR THE WORLD BANK. Having managed to do what leaders of the world's great nations could or would not do, the World Bank Staff Association deserves a global day of thanksgiving for having managed to drive Bank president and Iraq War proponent Paul Wolfowitz from the helm of that mighty ship of multiple states. It was at the staff level that the revolt against Wolfowitz began, organized through the staff association, the closing thing to a union the Bank will allow. To think it all began with the distribution of blue ribbons.