Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is an editor and writer. Formerly the executive editor of GOOD, she’s now hard at work on a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow and is a politics columnist for She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch.

Recent Articles

Let's Talk About Sex

As one of dozens of programs receiving federal funds to educate Ohio teens about sex, a group called Operation Keepsake maintained an online question-and-answer board, where it answered questions like, "How far can my boyfriend and I go and still be safe?" with the warning that "anything past kissing can be dangerous emotionally and physically. When you go to French kissing, you are thinking more with your body than with your brain."


PARENTAL CONSENT FOR PRENATAL CARE. The North Dakota legislature recently failed to pass legislation that would have guaranteed pregnant teens the right to seek prenatal care without notifying their parents. Current state law requires parental consent to treat pregnant women under 18.


IN THE AIR. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions heard testimony yesterday on the �long-term health impacts from 9/11.� Despite initial reports, including some intentionally false ones by the EPA that the air in lower Manhattan was not hazardous following the attack, the numerous cases of "World Trade Center Cough� and other sometimes serious ailments have proved otherwise.