Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is an editor and writer. Formerly the executive editor of GOOD, she’s now hard at work on a crowd-funded magazine called Tomorrow and is a politics columnist for She curates the work of women journalists at LadyJournos!, makes hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin, and dispenses animated advice at the Columbia Journalism Review. In July 2012, CJR named her one of 20 women to watch.

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Grade Inflation

Every year, Working Mother magazine announces its much-anticipated "100 Best Companies." Employers leap to publicize their inclusion on the list, and it's routinely a best-selling issue. But is the "100 Best"-- and similar lists published by other magazines and organizations -- much more than public relations?


PLAN B-ACKLASH. There's apparently hell to pay when you point out that there's no scientific or medical reason to deny women over-the-counter access to emergency contraception. Although the Bush administration and Congress requested and allocated a full $4 million in funding for the Office of Women's Health, the FDA plans to withhold more than a quarter of that money -- $1.2 million.


OSCAR UPDRAFT. I checked the total signatures at on Saturday, around noon, the day before the Oscars. The total number of signatories was roughly 39,300.

As of noon today, the total is up to 44,470, or about a 13.15 percent jump in just 72 hours.

--Tom Schaller


LET IT BREED. Ben, Mark and Ezra have missed an important point.


GIANT SQUID! Ok, so not really "giant," so much as "colossal." Some long-line fishermen hooked the hefty cephalopod in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. Just how big is this thing? Dr. Steve O'Shea, the squid-hunter made famous by this awesome New Yorker profile from 2004, said if calamari were made from the squid, the rings would be the size of tractor tires.