Annie Tsao

Annie Tsao is a Prospect Summer 2010 intern.

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Culinary Resolution

TAP talks to an arts group that tries to bring residents of warring nations together over dinner.

A traditional Iranian meal. (Flickr/birdfarm)
The sandwich: tomorrow's olive branch? In May, artists Jon Rubin, John Peña, and Dawn Welesky launched Conflict Kitchen, a gastronomic effort to further cultural understanding by offering up the fare of countries that are in conflict with the United States. They hope their take-out restaurant, which operates out of a modest storefront window in Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood, inspires meaningful conversation on political and cultural issues in the respective country, ranging from women's rights to dating norms. The menu, which focuses on a different country every four months, began with Iran and currently offers a $5 homemade Iranian kubideh sandwich, or spiced ground beef wrapped in a leavened flatbread with onion, mint, and basil. Apart from prompting conversations with curious passersby, Conflict Kitchen also sparks wider discussion by hosting public events and talks. On June 5, it hosted a meal, broadcast over Skype, between 30 Tehran locals and 40 Pittsburgh residents...

Expanding the Reach of Gay Cinema

TAP talks to the founder of Wolfe Video, the largest distributor of gay and lesbian films in North America.

Kathy Wolfe speaks at the 2010 Cinequest Film Festival. (Flickr/qtschlepper)
As the founder and chief executive of San Jose, California-based Wolfe Video, Kathy Wolfe helms the largest exclusive distributor of gay and lesbian films in North America. Armed with a staff of 11, Wolfe has acquired the distribution rights to hundreds of titles, including a Peruvian film about a married fisherman's affair with a male artist, Contracorriente ( Undertow ) -- this year's Sundance Film Festival winner of the Cinema World Audience Award in the dramatic category. It can be a challenge for her company, which has been operating for 25 years, to break into mainstream culture, and many movie-watching outlets cater to more conservative tastes, so Wolfe is constantly hunting for new ways to distribute her films. In addition to purchasing distribution rights, Wolfe has also worked with national retailers, such as Virgin Megastore and Amazon, to launch sections featuring gay and lesbian merchandise. She was awarded the 2010 Frameline Award at the 34th San Francisco International...