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Because Someone Had to Do It

TAP talks to Afghan women's rights activist Malalai Joya, who was suspended from her own position in Parliament last month. A new documentary, Enemies of Happiness, tracks her 2005 run for public office.

Malalai Joya isn't afraid of being assassinated. "I understand that one day they will kill me, because it's easy for them to kill people, especially women," she says about her enemies in Afghanistan, namely the former Taliban members, tribal warlords, and Northern Alliance fighters. These are the people who currently comprise Afghanistan's government -- people that Joya frequently denounces as "killers" and "criminals." "But this is the voice of the voiceless people of Afghanistan," she continues. "And they can't silence this voice and they can't hide the truth. And they understand that." And then this outspoken 29-year-old Afghan activist suddenly smiles widely, even breaking out into laughter. How can she be laughing? "Because I have hopes for my people, for my country, and I have supporters around the world, and I am happy that at least I am not alone," she explains. "And I trust my people and I believe in democracy, women's rights and human rights and I believe this isn't...