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Be a Hero

The inauguration of President Kerry on January 20, 2005, will be the beginning of the global post-Bush era. As a young American, I would give President Kerry one central, and simple, piece of advice: Be a hero. His success at recasting the issues in a progressive light can only occur if he takes immediate hold of his mandate from the people and uses it boldly. And his election will be a mandate, no matter how narrow, because it will reflect how much America wants and needs to be reunited. Young people in America want a hero. There is no challenge or dream too big for the idealism that comes with being young in America. Kerry must capitalize on the post-Bush exhaustion of being kept afraid. The war on terrorism needs to be fought, and fought vigorously; but it also must be rearticulated through the optimistic lenses of progressive vision, not brandished as a blunt instrument that keeps Americans suspended in a childlike state of fear. For starters, President Kerry should abolish the...