Bradford Plumer

Bradford Plumer is a reporter-researcher at The New Republic.

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Arms Dealers to the World

No one can accuse the defense industry of lacking audacity. Despite receiving vast sums of money from the Pentagon each year, and having much of Congress in their back pocket, arms manufacturers have been holding conference after conference of late complaining that big government is keeping them down. At a Heritage Foundation event in mid-October, at which industry officials gathered to discuss the burdens of arms-export regulations, Robert Bauerlein, a vice president at Boeing, griped: "Government fundamentally doesn't trust industry to do the right thing when it comes to export controls." This from a company that earlier this year was fined $15 million for illegally selling military technology to China. Arms-export control is an obscure issue that can have deadly consequences, and it may become increasingly important in the coming years. The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), an umbrella group for defense firms, is planning a big under-the-radar push to alter regulations on the...