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After the Taliban

Asia | Europe and Russia | Middle East and Africa | The Americas The World Responds Column Archive Asia The U.S. Coalition Against Terror: Who's On The Short List? As Allied troops and the Northern Alliance chip away at Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan, journalists throughout the world struggle to keep in step with the hourly changes of events. Yet while frontline reporters trail military troops on the ground, editorialists are focusing on the future -- who should govern a post-war Afghanistan, how should the U.S.-led forces proceed militarily, and who should have the power to make such decisions in the first place? There is little consensus among international journalists -- many even disagree on which countries should be included in the U.S.-led coalition against terror. In an editorial in The Japan Times , Imitaz Ahmafd First Secretary of the Embassy of Pakistan in Tokyo, refutes international misgivings about his country. "No amount of sophistry linking it to international...

Opportunity and Danger

Asia | Europe and Russia | Middle East and Africa | Australia | The Americas The World Responds Column Archive Asia Afghan Uncertainty On the day after opposition forces took over cities in Northern Afghanistan, the Afghan on-line news agency ran an article entitled "Why the Taliban Collapsed So Quickly," by Anthony H. Cordesman of the Washington, D.C.-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies . While many European papers hesitate to label this military action a victory, Cordesman's article sees the Taliban's retreat as an unequivocal collapse, and goes on to analyze the factors that contributed to the first phase of demise. "No one should assume [the war] is over until it's over," Cordesman acknowledges. Nevertheless, he then lists causes for its disintegration including: 1) the Taliban's alienation from the population, particularly the Pashtun group at its core, 2) the loss of Pakistani support and resupply, 3) a military force density that could not compete...