Carl Safina

Carl Safina is co-founder and president of the Blue Ocean Institute. His 100-plus publications and books include Song for the Blue Ocean, Eye of the Albatross, and Voyage of the Turtle.

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Toward a Sea Ethic

Expanding our idea of community is a first step to restoring the seas around us.

A couple of years ago I was participating as a writing coach in a Sea Education Association "sea-mester," sailing 1,000 miles from Hawaii to Palmyra Atoll, while students from Stanford University received lectures and closely supervised instruction and conducted independent projects on high-tech oceanography. These were smart kids, and the professors were superb. Five hundred miles from land, we got into a discussion on whether the ocean is a "wilderness." The consensus: Obviously it is; there was no sign of humanity, not another boat in sight. Everyone savored the thought: wilderness!