Carol Swain

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1995: Blacks and the Republican Party

In “The Future of Black Representation” in Fall 1995, Carol Swain warned that racial redistricting was helping Republicans. She's still warning Democrats.

Race and Representation

In our new multiracial society, minorities need strategically effective coalitions.

Are the interests of African American and Latino voters necessarily advanced by maximizing the number of blacks and Hispanics who serve in legislative bodies? Recent experience with districting, and the dynamics of coalition politics, suggest that the answer is "not necessarily." The form of democratic representation can dramatically influence who participates, how votes count, and who exercises power. In much of the South, paradoxically, the "packing" of African American voters into "majority-minority" districts has increased the number of black elected officials but reduced the number of their political allies, leaving African American substantive interests less effectively represented overall.

The Future of Black Representation

Good riddance to racial gerrymandering. The Supreme Court's ruling against race as the predominant factor in districting is good news for blacks and Democrats.