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The Breakfast Crowd

I have two words for our next president: no excuses. You will be facing an angry country frustrated by the serious challenges we confront and hungry for a leader who will actually get things done. I am from a small town in Maine, where I occasionally join in an early-morning breakfast with a few longtime friends. One builds houses, one is the plumber, there is a mailman, the school principal, and a retiree who moved back after years of working out of state in a manufacturing job. They are very clear about what they want. They want to be able to afford health care, whether it is their Medicare supplemental insurance or the coverage they provide their employees. They want their sons and daughters to be able to find work in the community. They want all our children to have a good education, and they care deeply about the public schools of our small town. They don't want to be uncomfortable about the actions we take in another country; they want to be proud to fly the flag. When the...